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Who we are

Though our business cuts across; Aviation, Logistics, tourism and Hospitality industries, we however, understand at the bottom if it all, it is the solution we offer that makes us relevant in the business, and hence we are not here to offer you a flight charter, a hotel, Airport transfer, Car hire, or an Air ticket, but an essential and comprehensive connectivity, that saves you both time and money.

In Brief

We are a team of aviation and Logistics experts, zealed for Africa's best supply chain management system, addressing all sectors; Humanitarian Agencies, Goverments, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Tourism, Mining, Oil & gas among others.

Our Mission

To provide an impeccable Flight and Freight Solution Services, across Africa.

Africa Flight Logistics, has built a great and an efficient business network across the globe to ensure that all our customers from any point in the world, can feel comfortable and at home.

What we do

We simply provide logistics solutions across hospitality, aviation industry that is effective and dependable.

Our package starts from the comfort of your home, and only complete after you are back home again, providing you with an exclusive travel; Airport Transfer, Immigration and all statutory travel support, Airticketing, accomodation, car hire or Helicopter charter, a single package set to enhance your comfort and safety.

Flexible & tailor made

Nothing fits all. Every mission is different and hence we customize it accordingly.